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For those of you that work hard/play hard, this special is for you. We call it, The Hangover Cure. 

Only available on Sunday, pick from three great deals that will give you the strength to go back out there and conquer Sunday Funday – or Netflix and chill. No judging.   

Pick your cure –  $10 eachhangovercurev04-1

The Kobe Burger Combo. If you haven’t had our Kobe Burger you’re doing yourself a disservice – it’s really good. Start off with our miso soup to get you hydrated and enjoy your Kobe Burger cooked to perfection with an ice cold Kirin. A solid choice.

Choice #2. The Katsu Fried Shrimp. Served with onion rings and miso soup (it will make you feel better, no matter what you did last night) and a Kirin Draft. Also amazing. 

Choice #3. The Nabeyaki Udon.  We’re not even going to ask if you had a good time. If you’re going for the Udon – we know you had a good time. Served with Chicken and Shrimp Tempura and Kirin Draft.

The Hangover Cure is available on Sundays only, from 11:00am – 3:00pm.